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4 Must-Eat Orang Asli Food

Orang Asli cuisine is simple cooking using very little ingredients. Being an aboriginal community they to this day hunt for food. Fish, animal meat and greens and vegetables available in the forest area is what their food comprises of.

In contrast to present day Malaysian cuisine, Orang Asli food does not use spices or even chilli, as it is not available in the rain forests of Taman Negara.

Also, food is cooked in crude methods by using wood fire and bamboo logs. 

Here are the 4 must eat Orang Asli dishes

Ubi kayu kennem – Ubi kayu kennem is grated tapioca that is soaked in water till it starts to ferment. The fermented tapioca is then cooked as fritters. It is a popular breakfast or snack option.

Lemang – Lemang is glutinous rice that is wrapped in banana leaf and filled into bamboo logs. It takes good amount of practice to cook the rice to perfection. It is eaten along with meat curry.

Lemang- 4 must eat orang asli food

Image Courtesy: zolmuhd used under the Creative Commons Licence

Umbut Bayas Masak Gulai – It is a scrumptious palm pith curry which is again cooked in bamboo logs.  The pith is the spongy, starch filled center of a palm stem.

Ketupat – They are rice cakes that are cooked in coconut leaves. The coconut leaves are weaved together to form little pockets. The pockets are filled with rice and steamed, till the rice puffs up and fills the coconut pocket.

Ketupat- 4 must eat orang asli food

Image Courtesy: Lam+Faiz @ Lafa used under the Creative Commons Licence

Orang Asli food is healthy and authentic in nature. The flavour of every ingredient used is retained as it is wrapped in fragrant leaves and cooked in bamboo logs.

What is even more interesting is that the origin of some of the dishes trace back to countries such as Indonesian (ketupat) and India.

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