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10 of the Best Ramen Restaurants in Australia Plus Ramen Recipe to Try at Home

Trying to unearth the best ramen restaurants in Australia is like trying to untangle a bowl of noodles – things will get messy! To help you slurp some superb bowls of ramen, we’ve shared 10 of our favourites below. But this list is my no means exhaustive, so let us know which ramen restaurants are your favourites and why.

Hakata Gensuke, Melbourne and Hawthorn

There’s a reason the queues snake down the block for the Melbourne CBD outpost of Hakata Gensuke. Chef and owner Kousuke Yoshimura delivers an authentic taste of Hakata, the birthplace of ramen in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. We love the signature tonkotsu (pork bone broth) with homemade thin noodles, chewy black fungus and tender chashu (pork), and the God Fire with a secret spicy sauce.


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Shop Ramen, Collingwood

At this cute Shop Ramen, Collingwood ramen bar, take a seat at the counter to watch the chefs rolling your noodles from scratch. Choose from the authentic shoyu ramen with charred pork belly and marinated egg, a barbecued chicken number with buttered corn, or the vegetarian version with a cashew-milk soup and loads of greens.

shop ramen

Image courtesy: Zomato

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, Melbourne

This basement-level Ikkoryu Fukuoka den may be new to Australia, but it’s been crafting flavour-packed ramen in Japan since the 1970s. Try the original Ikkoryu ramen with hearty tonkotsu broth, chashu and wood-ear fungus, a zesty version flavoured with yuzu citrus, or the funky black garlic number with roast garlic oil.

Gumshara, Haymarket

A hole-in-the-wall in Sydney’s Chinatown, Gumshara ramen joint offers an array of flavours, spanning tonkotsu ramen with pork belly, garlicky tonkotsu, and the Super Mega Ramen Noodle brimming with barbecued pork spare rib, chashu pork and soft-centred seasoned egg.

Ippudo, Sydney

This globe-trotting ramen restaurant Ippudo first opened in Hakata 30 years ago, and now has outlets around the world, including four stores in Sydney. Try the classic Hakata-style ramen with rich tonkotsu broth, tender pork loin and black fungus, topped with a flavoured egg.


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Salaryman, Surry Hills

For cutting-edge ramen in Surry Hills, seek out Salaryman restaurant, fronted by fine-dining chef Stephen Seckold. Go the classic route with chicken-broth shio ramen topped with pork, egg and menma (pickled bamboo), or, for the non-traditionalists, try the BLAT Mazeman with confit bacon, roasted tomato, grilled lettuce and avocado.

Taro’s Ramen & Café, Brisbane

At two locations in Brisbane and Ascot, Taro’s makes its noodles fresh each day. Tempting toppings include top-notch Bangalow chashu pork, plus organic eggs soaked in a secret soy-based sauce (you can even buy these delicious eggs to go). Try the fire tonkotsu flavoured with chilli oil, or the clear shio ramen with a chicken and seafood broth.


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Hakataya Ramen, Gold Coast and Brisbane

For your ramen fix in Surfers Paradise or Brisbane, seek out one of the four Hakataya Ramen stores, offering five ramens with luscious tonkotsu broth, which is simmered over 48 hours. The seasoned pork back ribs are also cooked for hours, for amplified flavour and a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Nao Japanese, Perth

At Nao Japanese in Perth, you can take your pick of three types of handmade noodles, made fresh each day. There’s Nao’s class egg noodle, green noodles flavoured with spinach, a red noodles infused with chilli. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the soup, too, with shoyu (soy) , miso, shio (salt) and spicy versions up for grabs.

Rin, Hobart

There are just two varieties of ramen on the menu at Rin, authentic Japanese restaurant in Hobart: soy or miso, topped with a gooey centred egg, buttered corn and slices of marinated roast pork.

If you’d like to try your hand at making ramen at home, read our 5 tips for making a perfect bowl of ramen, then whip up a batch of miso ramen with chicken.

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