10 of the Best Bibimbaps in Australia

The Bibimbap Festival is in full swing in the Korean city of Jeonju, but you don’t need a passport to try this authentic Asian dish.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best places to eat bibimbap in Australia. 

Enjoy them for a dinner or a perfect Sunday brunch.

1. Seoul Soul, Melbourne

With branches in the hip Melbourne suburbs of Richmond and Northcote, Seoul Soul offers authentic Korean cuisine in sleek, contemporary surrounds. Available for lunch or dinner, the bibimbap comes with a choice of six toppings, including vegetables, avocado, spicy pork, marinated beef, chicken or kimchi.

2. Bibimbap Food Truck, Melbourne

A fresh face on the Melbourne food truck scene, Courtney Kim’s Bibimbap caravan recently set up shop at Welcome to Thornbury. From this cute retro van, order bibimbap topped with bulgogi beef, teriyaki chicken or organic tofu, your choice of chilli-garlic or lemon-soy sauce, and five virtuous vegetables.

3. Moon Park, Sydney

For a modern take on bibimbap, make a beeline for Moon Park in the Sydney suburb of Redfern. Here, this polished example might come crowned with slices of raw scallop, barley, peas and baek (white) kimchi. It also forms part of the banquet menu, a multi-course feast that is perfect if you’re dining with a group.


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4. Bibim, to Mix, Sydney

This no-frills café Bibim, to Mix in Sydney’s Darlinghurst does a roaring trade in lunchtime bibimbap. Take your pick of soy beef, tofu, chilli pork or spicy chicken, served with six vegetables and a bowl of soup on the side. It’s worth upgrading to the free-range egg (+$1) and serving in a dolsot (+$3) a cast-iron pan that gives the rice a toasty crunch.

5. Mandoo, Adelaide

A cheap and cheerful diner in Adelaide, Mandoo serves just three main menu items: mandoo dumplings, DIY hotpot, and colourful bowls of bibimbap. The latter is a wholesome, satisfying assembly of thinly sliced beef, sesame, omelette and raw and pickled vegetables, including bean shoots and seaweed.

6. Madtongsan, Brisbane

For an authentic taste of Korea in Queensland, pay a visit to Madtongsan, at three no-fuss locations across Brisbane. The standout bibimbap here is the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap, a steamy assortment or marinated beef, raw egg yolk, gochujang chilli sauce and seasoned vegetables, served in a scorching hot-stone pot.

7. Seoul Food, Darwin

Hot-stone bowls are also the secret to Seoul Food’s delicious Bibimpap. At this clean and bright eatery in Darwin, the steamy rice bowls come with beef, chicken, prawn or vegetables, plus spicy radish, sesame spinach and a golden egg yolk. Thanks to the heat of the dish, they continue to cook at the table, giving your rice a crunchy crust.


8. Mint Fast Fresh Food, Hobart

If you’re after a healthy Asian lunch on the run, then look no further than Mint Fast Fresh Food in Hobart. Dishes change daily, so call ahead to see if the spicy chicken or bulgogi beef bibimbap is available on the specials menu, a steal at just $10 a pop.

9. Kimchi House, Gold Coast

On Surfers Paradise, get your bibimbap fix at Kimchi House. Here, your bowl of goodness comes topped with a fried egg, bean sprouts cucumber, cabbage and salad greens, plus marinated beef, kimchi pork, or even eel if you’re feeling adventurous!

10. Your home

Yep, that’s right – if you have a bibimbap craving, why not have a go at making it yourself at home? You’ll find an easy Bibimbap recipe on Asian Inspirations, along with plenty of other authentic Korean dishes.

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