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10 Interesting Facts About Petronas Towers

Malaysia is on every tourist’s must visit list. Be it history, nature and wildlife, Malaysian culture or food, every aspect of this country beckons the traveler in you.

Another intriguing aspect of Malaysia is the architecture. A melange of ancient, Islamic and modern structures is what one gets to see here.

However one of the major attractions is the Petronas twin towers – they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 and remain the tallest twin towers in the world. It is taller than the Tokyo Tower in Japan.

Petronas tower - Facts about Petronas Towers

Image Courtesy: Storm Crypt used under the Creative Commons Licence

Planned and designed by world renowned architects Cesar Pelli, Deejay Cerico, J.C. Guinto and Dominic Saibo the construction of this building started in the year 1993. The structure was completed within six years’ time, by 1999.

Apart from being an iconic tourist attraction, the tower is also a commercial hub, housing some of the world’s top companies such as Petronas (the main occupant), Al-Jazeera, Microsoft, Boeing and Bloomberg to name a few.

Today it is not just an architectural marvel but also a great tourist spot.

10 interesting facts about Petronas towers    

1. The tower represents the courage, culture and advancement of the people of Malaysia

2. The two towers along with the bridge aims at resembling the ‘M’ of Malaysia

3. The observation desk on the 86th floor gives you an aerial view of the city

4. The sky-walk on the 42nd and 43rd floors are also the world’s highest sky-bridge which connects the two towers.

5.  The building which is 452m high has 88 floors and 32000 windows

6. The building received the prestigious Aga Khan award for its special architecture  in the year 2004

7.  When seen from the top the tower resembles the eight point star which in Islam stand for unity, harmony, stability, and rationality.

8.  Visiting the tower is free of cost but with a daily tourist limit of 800 persons

9.  The tower remains closed on Mondays and during prayer times on Friday

10.  The towers have a total of 40 lifts

These were a few facts about Petronas Towers.

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