War on food waste: Asian Inspirations and Love Food Hate Waste team up at the 2017 Stringybark Festival

Join Asian Inspirations and Love Food Hate Waste at the 2017 Stringybark Sustainability Festival – 14 & 15 October 2017

Organised by the Knox City Council in Victoria, the Stringybark Festival is a sustainability event whose aim is to educate and empower the community with information and guidance on how to achieve practical change in daily life to create a more sustainable way of living.


Image Courtesy: Knox City Council used  the Creative Commons Licence

The festival attracts over 13,000 visitors over the weekend and continues to be Australia’s longest running sustainability event bringing together community organisations, companies, groups and individuals who believe that small changes and adjustment in attitudes can help achieve sustainability in everyday life.


Image Courtesy: Knox City Council used  the Creative Commons Licence

Love Food Hate Waste is a Sustainability Victoria campaign that raises awareness of the problem of food waste and supports Victorian households to waste less. In partnership with Love Food Hate Waste, Asian Inspirations is proud to support one of the program highlights at this year’s festival dubbed the Kitchen Revolution. Run in conjunction with the Compost Revolution, the Kitchen Revolution will playfully challenge the community to look at their role in wasting food and what they can do to bring change. Chef Lillie Giang, aka the Food Affectionist, will be at the Kitchen Revolution stage on Saturday and Sunday for tasty demonstrations and a fun “cook-off” competition.

Through art and science, food and technology, using interactive learning devices, visitors at the Compost and Kitchen Revolution will be able to explore complex issues and find that some solutions can be quite simple and accessible.


We are all guilty of wasting food at some point. Have you ever forgotten leftover food in the fridge only to find out a week later that it has gone bad? Have you ever bought fresh fruit, not eaten it straightaway and forgotten to store it properly, only to discover that it is now shriveled and unappetizing?

Global food loss and waste is a serious issue and an estimated 32% of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted from farm to fork. This huge level of inefficiency has economic, social and environmental impacts. Around the world, food loss and waste costs about $940 billion per year. In Victoria alone, food waste costs the average family around $2,200 a year.


What can we do? We are all part of the problem and we can all be part of the solution. Confucius once said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Small steps in the average kitchen can tackle what seems like an unsurmountable global issue. Would you believe that 25% of our garbage bins is made up of avoidable food waste? A simple way we can reduce food waste is through better fridge and pantry management including better planning, shopping and storing.


Image Courtesy: Knox City Council used  the Creative Commons Licence

Meet Asian Inspirations, Love Food Hate Waste and Chef Lillie Giang at the Kitchen Revolution stage during the Stringybark Festival to learn tips and tricks on how to reduce food waste whilst creating delicious Asian recipes.

The festival is at the Rowville Community Centre, 40 Fulham Rd, Rowville on 14 and 15 October 2017.

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