The Enchanting Rains of Japan

It is that time of the year when the enchanting rains of Japan welcome you to the country along with attractions. The showers are known as ‘Tsuyu’ or ‘Baiyu’ and usually begins in early May and lasts till July.

Tsuyu in Japanese means ‘plum rain’ as it coincides with the ripening of plums in this season. The island of Okinawa are the most affected by this rain.

It is also the time for many farmers to start sowing or reap their harvests and is known to be a good time to cultivate rice.

Rainy season japan

Image Courtesy: Keromi Keroyama used under the Creative Commons Licence

Rainy season is the effect of cold and hot air from the north and south which converge during the spring. However, it is said that Tokyo receives more rainfall in September than in the rainy season.

Although it is not quite a good time to visit Japan when it rains, it does have a few days where there are occasional sprinkles and a few other days with heavy downpours. But you can always check for the weather well in advance and plan accordingly.

Here are five things you can do in Japan during the rainy season:

Mount Koya

Japanese rainy season - Mount Koya

Image Courtesy: Aurelio Asiain used under the Creative Commons Licence

A visit to Mount Koya will speak volumes about the spectacular view it offers when it rains. Situated in the Wakayama prefecture it is also the center of Shingon Buddhism. The mountains offer a pleasant drive with the clouds hovering over them and the fog is like an icing on the cake. There are many monasteries upon the rainy summit which offer accommodation and food.



Japanese rainy season - Onsens

Image Courtesy: Chris Lewis used under the Creative Commons Licence

Soaking up in a hot spring on a rainy day and viewing the mountains while feeling the rain is something that is incredibly relaxing. You can hear the drops of rain in silence and have a warm bath in the onsens. A balm for the mind, body and soul.



rainy season japan - Hakone

Image Courtesy: paul.hartrick used under the Creative Commons Licence

Although Mount Fuji may seem faint from a distance when it rains, the vegetation around it is simply incredible. The lush green landscapes crowned by Mount Fuji offers a serene and spectacular sight that you can’t miss.


Ajisai Viewing

Rainy season japan - Ajisai Viewing

Image Courtesy: eroku used under the Creative Commons Licence

Ajisai (hydrangea) are the flowers that bloom from May to July in different regions in Japan.

They are quite a sight and are symbolic of rains in Japan. One of the most popular places to go

Hydrangea viewing is Meigetsu in Kamakura, which is known as “ajisai temple”. There are over

2,000 hydrangea, most of them are blue which brings in cheer and joy on a rainy day.


Visit Aquariums

Rainy season japan - Visit Aquariums

Image Courtesy: Travis used under the Creative Commons Licence

If you don’t want to carry an umbrella and enjoy the rain, you can definitely stay indoors and watch the colourful fish that swim in large tanks. It is often found to be very relaxing and is known to reduce blood pressure. You can visit the many aquariums in Japan which are a great attraction for the kids as well. Of course you can also make a warm bowl of soup, or munch on some spicy snacks to drive away the blues.


But if you don’t like the rain at all, you can visit the northern most island of Japan-Hokkaido, which gets barely affected by the rainy season.

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