New Years Day

Fireworks light up the skies at the stroke of midnight, parties go on into the early hours of the morning of 1st January, and people celebrate the arrival of a brand new year. New Years Day is usually a collage of all these scenes and so much more. The first day of the New Year sparks excitement in the hearts of everyone across the world. People belonging to different cultures bring out streamers, fireworks, lamps, balloons, champagne, party food and celebratory music, throw on their dancing shoes, and welcome the New Year with much pomp.

New Year's Day

Image Courtesy: raghavvidya used under the Creative Commons Licence

In many southern European countries, it is a tradition to celebrate New Year’s Day on the beach instead of at night clubs and in party halls. In Scotland, street parties are the rage. In Australia, people meet up at cities like Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, where New Year celebrations are always ushered in with magnificent fireworks displays. In Japan, people tend to gather at home to enjoy good food, good company and watch special programs on the TV.

New Year’s Day symbolises new beginnings, new aspirations and new adventures. Resolutions are made as people hope for 365 days of prosperity. A general atmosphere of festivity lingers everywhere as the world celebrates togetherness amid food, music and drinks.

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