Kamikochi Mountain-Opening Ceremony

Every year during spring, the valley of Kamikochi celebrates the mountain-opening ceremony, which is held in the last week of April. It is one of the primary travel attractions in Japan and opens the road for many adventurous people.


Image Courtesy: deep.deepblue used under the Creative Commons Licence

Kamikochi mountains means a place where the ‘Gods descend’. This place is like a piece of heaven that fell on the earth. If you were to visit this place, you will surely be mesmerised by its snow caped mountains and the scenic beauty.

Situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, Kamikochi is located in the Chubusangaku National Park surrounded by the high mountains in the Alps, which include Hodaka Mountains, Mt.Yakedake and Mt. Kasumizawa.

This area is thought to have been a seabed about 300 million years ago. Today’s Kamikochi is a result of intense mountain forming movements and river erosion. The flora and fauna of this place has adapted itself to the geology and climate.

Once you enter the park you can see many visitors strolling along the Azusa River from Taisho Pond up to the Myosin Bridge. The Taisho pond is considered to be a romantic spot because of its pristine waters, which will leave you awestruck.

Kappa Bridge - Kamikochi

Image Courtesy: Adrian Santos used under the Creative Commons Licence

The pond has an amazing view of the surrounding mountains often with an exceptional reflection. Up the river you will find the popular Kappa Bridge.

For those who are enthusiastic about climbing, hiking and mountaineering, Kamikochi is a good hub. The most popular mountains are Yari-ga-take (3180m) and Hotaka-dake (3190m). At Kamikochi you are sure to feel like you’re in Swiss.

With so much of overwhelming beauty at just one place you just can’t miss Kamikochi while you travel in Japan.

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