Jin Feng Festival

Jin Feng Festival

Image Courtesy: NekaPearl used under the Creative Commons Licence

February 2015

Jin Feng District, China

Jin Feng District, a district in China, hosts a number of festivals which invites people from all over the world. It is a traditional ethnic festival that is held annually in Miaoping Village, near Longsheng. The local people dress in traditional costumes and celebrate together in order to thank the god of the Yao people. This god is believed to protect them from disasters.

The festival witnesses folk dances by the Yao people and a big meal in every family home. Fairs are held everywhere, with many traditional clothing and footwear being sold by the Yao people.

The history of the Jin Feng Festival dates back to over a 1,000 years. According to a legend that is etched in Chinese culture, Yao people once foolishly infuriated the god of wind. The god of wind punished them by sending storms to destroy Yao towns, making them homeless. Fortunately, the god of the Yao people showed them a way to avert the disaster by keeping completely still and silent when the god of wind came’. to the befuddlement of the Yao people, it worked, and the god of the wind passed by without harming them.

Ever since, the Yao people have been celebrating this festival every year. But with time, local people have replaced the silence with lively celebrations.

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