Bun Pha Wet Fair

1 March to 30 April, 2015

Roi Et Province, Thailand

Bun Pha Wet Fair
Image Courtesy: Royalty free Google images

A temple-centric festival, Bun Pha Wet Fair is held in the Roi Et province of Thailand. During this festival, you can witness the retelling of the jataka tales which narrate the penultimate life of Buddha. This Asian festival takes place at a time when men are ordained into monk hood.

This festival is important in Thai culture as it brings friends and family together, and celebrates togetherness. The general atmosphere across the country is festive and spiritual, as the importance of Buddhism is extolled by monks and elders.

Different villages host the festival on different days. The fair is a meeting place for friends and relatives from different villages. In various temples, the story of Buddha is narrated to eager audiences.

At the fair, monks and devotees celebrate at a reading session on the birth of Vessantara. The celebration is scheduled for different dates, so that people of the town can celebrate the occasion at their convenience and visit their loved ones living in other areas. The most scenic celebrations of Bun Pha Wet takes place at Wat Phu in Champassak and That Luang in Vietiane.

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