Yum Yum Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken

By Martine Shelton
Yum Yum Chicken – Korean Fried Chicken 2

  • 24 chicken wings

  • Cornflour

  • Rice Brand Oil

  • 4 cloves of minced garlic

  •  ⅓ cup tomato sauce

  •  ⅓ cup rice malt syrup

  • ¼ cup hot pepper paste

  • 2 tbs of Linghams Hot Sauce

  • 1 tbs apple vinegar

Coat the chicken well with cornflour. Fry once and then fry again.

Mix garlic, tomato sauce, rice malt syrup, hot pepper paste, apple cider vinegar and Lingahms hot sauce together.

On a low heat simmer the mixture for about about 5 to 1o  minutes. Until the sauce is thick.

Take sauce off the stove and then pour over the chicken.

Serve  to get a Yum Yum Super Spicy Hit


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