Pandan, Lychee & Ginger Taiyaki with Sweet Sake Sauce

By Glenda McDonnell
Pandan, Lychee & Ginger Taiyaki with Sweet Sake Sauce 21
8                 Lychees (canned, drained)

6 pieces     Crystallized Ginger

150 gms     Plain Flour

3 tsp           Baking Powder

40 gms       Sugar

1/2 tsp        Pandan Essence

1                   Egg (lightly beaten)

180 mls      Milk

125 mls       Condensed Milk

125 mls       TCC Coconut Milk

2 Tbs           Cooking Sake

Fresh Lychees & Toasted Coconut Flakes to garnish
Pancake Batter

Sift flour & baking powder, add egg, sugar, milk and pandan essence, mix until smooth, allow to rest in refrigerator, for 1 hour.


Drain & pat dry lychees, finely chop, squeeze to remove excess juice.

Finely chop ginger and mix with lychees


Heat a Taiyaki Mould over low heat, spray lightly with oil,  fill 2/3 with batter, add filling and top with a little more batter to cover, close and flip mould, continue to cook, flipping mould and checking as needed, until golden and cooked through. Place Taiyaki in a low oven to keep warm while preparing sauce.


Place 125 mls condensed milk in a small saucepan, bring to the boil, stirring constantly, lower heat a little and cook until thickened, add 125 mls coconut milk & 1 Tbs cooking sake, simmer for 1 minute, remove from heat add extra 1 Tbs cooking sake and stir well.

Serve with fresh lychees & toasted coconut.

Makes 4 Taiyaki


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