Beef cheek and sweet potato red curry with hot n’sour slaw

By Tim tyler
Beef cheek and sweet potato red curry with hot n’sour slaw 0
Beef cheek and sweet potato red curry

  • beef cheek x 800gr

  • brown onion, peel and dice x 200gr

  • sweet potato, cleaned and peeled x 200gr

  • ginger, peeled and chopped x 30gr

  • lemongrass, bruised and chopped x 1 stick

  • garlic, peeled and chopped x 25gr

  • long red chilli, deseeded and roughly chopped x 1

  • thai red curry paste x 60gr

  • vegetable oil x 30ml

  • coriander, washed and picked x 1 bunch

  • lime x 2 each

  • coconut milk TCC x 400ml

  • chicken stock x 200ml

  • fish sauce, squid brand x 25 ml

  • palm sugar x 50 gr

  • kaffir lime leaf x 3 leaves

  • fried shallots x 10gr

Hot n' sour slaw

  • Chinese cabbage finely sliced x 200gr

  • cucumber, deseeded finely sliced x 80gr

  • red onion, finely sliced x 40gr

  • carrot peeled and julienne cut x 40gr

  • spring onion x finely sliced x 1/2 bunch

  • long red chilli, deseed and jullienne cut x 1

  • lime juice x 25ml

  • fish sauce squid brand x 15ml

  • palm sugar x 50gr

  • toasted peanut x 50gr

  • coriander

Beef cheek and sweet potato red curry

  1. add vegetable oil in heavy based pan on a medium heat and sauté onion until it becomes translucent and tender and then add, sweet potato, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and thai red curry paste and combine well.

  2. Cook the curry paste out for 3 minutes and then add the beef cheek and coat well with paste.

  3. Remove the beef cheek and curry paste from the heat and place into a pressure cooker with coconut milk, chicken stock, lime leaves, cook for 70min on low setting.

  4. Gently remove the beef cheek from the curry sauce, add fish sauce, palm sugar to tastes and then blitz with a wand blender till smooth.

  5. sever with beef cheek garnished with coriander leaves, fried shallots and lime cheek.

Hot n' sour slaw

  1. To make the dressing combine fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar and mix till sugar is dissolved.

  2. combine all salad ingredients into a mixing bowl and  toss with salad dressing,

  3. serve immediately and garnish with lots of chopped peanut


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