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CNY Discovery A Journey into the delicious

Explore the journey of our CNY 2017 Winners

We had an amazing season 3 of Chinese New Year Contest this Year!

Over 58 days, 500+ Asian recipes, mouthwatering mains, delectable desserts, sizzling starters, super-healthy salads.. the list is endless! We saw so much more in season 3 of Chinese New year 2017 Cooking contest than we ever did.

We’d like to thank everyone who was a part of our celebrations this year - the participants and the wonderful winners who shared their stories, experiences and aspirations with us.

Here's a snapshot of the journey through the 8 weeks..


Grand Prize

Ayam Semor with Sambal Goreng Buncis Udang Petai

Lisa, your award-winning dish truly lifted our spirits and tastebuds. The spicy, resilient and hearty flavours from Indonesia were all present in your recipe and was a taste to behold! Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Major Prize Winner!

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Major Prize winner Lisa’s incredible Indonesian delight was full of flavour, smell and heart. It made our tastebuds dance, our faces smile and it came out on top for our 2017 Chinese New Year Cook, Snap, Win competition – congratulations, Lisa!

Wok Of Fame

Sweet soy and ginger crispy duck Salad

Simon, your Sweet Soy and Ginger Crispy Duck Salad was beautifully crunchy and tasted perfect inside the soft bao! Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Wok of Fame Chinese Winner!

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Simon’s beautiful dish featuring soft, scrumptious bao accompanied by a delicious salad took the cake in the Chinese category. The competition’s most visually spectacular Chinese dish, Simon was the final Wok of Fame winner for 2017.

Wok Of Fame

Kaisen-Don Melinda’s Way: Maple Salmon on Kombu Rice

Melinda, your own special Kaisen-Don recipe was a treat to behold! All the flavours worked incredibly well with the seafood and we’re so happy to announce you as our #CookSnapWin2017 Wok of Fame Korean Japanese!

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Far more than simple sushi or sashimi, Melinda’s Kaisen-Don outshone the other Japanese dishes with grace and poise. This delicious feature by the Queensland cook showed us all something incredible that we can aspire to.

Wok Of Fame

Scallops in Thai Spicy Coconut Broth & Charred Chili Oil

Glenda, your Scallops in Thai Spicy Coconut Broth & Charred Chili Oil was simply devine. The subtle flavours seemed to be minor at first, but a bang of chili with the succulent scallops really took it to the next level. Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Wok of Fame Thai Winner!

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A perennial high-achiever across Asian Inspiration competitions, this year was no different for Glenda. Her soft, succulent and delicate scallops were truly a thing to behold as she took the crown for best presented Thai dish across the competition – well done, Glenda!

Wok Of Fame

Myeongdong Chicken

Melinda, your Myeongdong Chicken was just the right blend of succulent, juicy and firm. With all your sides to go along, we can’t help but wanting more! Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Wok of Fame Korean Winner!

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Victorian cook Melinda Anderson stunned us this year with her Korean special: Myeongdong Chicken. This absolute treat was simply gorgeous to behold as all the judges couldn’t fault this superb Korean entry.

Wok Of Fame

Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak

Amanda, your Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak was delectable and left us wanting more. Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Wok of Fame Malaysian Winner!

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Bring the presentation and quality that represents authentic Malaysian cuisine, Amanda Ellis shot for the stars with her fantastic Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak. While the rendang was the gorgeous colour we’ve come to expect from the cuisine, Amanda’s addition of coconut rice and cucumber garnish put her over the top.

Week 8

Babi Kecap

Martin, your Babi Kecap was a perfect weekend treat that we couldn’t have missed! Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Week 8 Winner.

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Incredibly soft and tender, Martin’s Babi Kecap made our mouth’s water and tastebuds happy as we were treated to this awesome dish.

Week 7

Beef Yakisoba

Frank, your Beef Yakisoba was a colourful little delight. It made us smile, which lasted awhile! Congratulations on being our #CookSnapWin2017 Week 7 Winner.

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Frank’s delightful Japanese delicacy stole the show this week as his dish was voted the best of Week 7. The flavours shone through in this intricate meal deservedly putting Frank on this year’s podium.

Week 6

Satay chicken with peanut sauce

Kristine, the Satay chicken with Peanut Sauce looked perfect for a laughter filled BBQ party! It sure was a treat. Congratulations on being the Winner of Week 6.

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One of the best presented dishes we’ve ever seen, Kristine took out the Week 6 stage of the competition with her beautiful and aromatic Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce. Wonderful textures abound, the taste stole the show as voters gave Kristine this week’s win.

Week 5

Chia Coconut & Lime Pancakes

Shannan, your Chia Coconut & Lime Pancakes was indeed melt-in-your-mouth soft and it really worked its charm on us. Congratulations on being our Week 5 Winner.

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The epitome of sweetness, Shannan’s Chia Coconut & Lime Pancakes stole the week 5 award as a large number of voters pushed for this flavoursome dish. The soft meal and addition of delightful fruit gave this dish the crown.

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