About Chinese New Year
This year, the Chinese New Year falls on February 8, calculated according to the Lunar calendar. According to Chinese astrology, each year is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a 12-year cycle. The year of 2016 is represented by the Monkey which occupies the ninth position in the Chinese Zodiac. The Monkey symbolises characteristics such as smart, quick-witted, frank, optimistic, ambitious and adventurous.
Entering the Contest
Yes, you have to be an Australian resident and aged 18 years or over with a valid Facebook account to enter the contest.
Yes, you must purchase any two or more products in a single transaction from any Asian products retailer during the Promotional Period.
In order to enter the contest, you must buy the products which include the following participating brands: Lee Kum Kee, ABC, Squid Brand Fish Sauce, TCC, Valcom, Yeo’s and Yoosh.
You can find all the participating products in all leading supermarkets (and Asian grocery stores).
Yes, you will need to preserve the barcode and the receipt as proof of your purchases in order to be eligible to claim any prizes.
Yes, You can enter the contest as many times as you like. Multiple entries are allowed. However, they are subject to the following conditions: A maximum of only one weekly prize is permitted per person. There are however some conditions that apply: a) Only one entry is permitted per qualifying transaction (regardless of the number of eligible products purchased by you) b) Your photograph and dish must be unique and neatly presented. c) Each entry must be submitted separately, each with accordance to the entry requirements. d) A maximum of one weekly prize may be permitted per person.
Voting in the contest
Yes, you can vote more than once for your friend. Each person can submit multiple votes, which is subject to the following:
  • Each vote must be submitted separately.
  • Each person can only vote once for any one photograph/dish.
  • Each person can only vote once for any one entrant. Once you have voted for a particular entrant’s photograph/dish, you will not be eligible to vote for any other photographs/dishes submitted by that entrant throughout the rest of the promotional period.
No, voting is only open to residents of Australia with a valid Facebook account.
Yes, if you are a voter you can also participate in the contest, provided you follow the full terms and conditions.
Contest Prizes
There will be one grand prize winner and 8 weekly winners. Each Weekly Prize winners will be notified by email and their names will be published on the website.The grand prize winner will be announced after the contest promotional period.
At the end of each Weekly Entry Period, the Promoter will calculate the number of valid votes received for each Photograph that was submitted during that Weekly Entry Period. The entrant who submitted the Photograph that received the highest number of valid votes during that Period will win a dining voucher for a restaurant, valued at $400.
No. Non-winning entries (and votes associated with the same) in each Weekly Entry Period will NOT be carried over into subsequent weekly entry periods.
No, the previous weekly winner will not be eligible to win consecutive weekly prize.
No, you cannot edit your entry once you have submitted since it affects the voting mechanism. Voting begins soon as you submit your entry. In extreme cases, if you think your entry needs edition, then mail to us at admin@asianinspirations.com.au or message us on Facebook.
The grand prize winner’s entry will be based and judged on authenticity, presentation, originality, creativity and appetite appeal of the Photograph/Dish provided.
If the winning entries are a tie, the promoter will judge the tied entries against each other based on authenticity, presentation, originality, creativity and appetite appeal of the Photograph/Dish submitted, and determine the best entry out of the tied entries.

Yes, a weekly winner is also eligible for a grand prize purely based on the creativity and appeal of the entry. However the grand prize will not be based on the number of votes the weekly winner received during any week.


No. The Promoter will select the exact restaurant the voucher will be awarded to based on the winner’s town/city of residence.



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