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Traditional Hokkien flour noodles aka “大茨粉” kueh

By Chin Woon, Angela Seah
Traditional Hokkien flour noodles aka “大茨粉” kueh
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Using flour and overnight porridge

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

80g Overnight porridge
70g Tapioca starch

Cooking Steps :

1. 40g of rice with 200-300ml water and cook till the porridge is mashy not grainy and not soupy.
2. The measurement i gave below is for one portion.
Warm your overnight porridge, it should feel slightly warm in temperature. I use only 80g of the ready porridge to about 70-80g tapioca starch. No water should be used to knead these two togther till well-combined. Do this when the porridge is still warm. You could also use all of the porridge and slowly add the flour in. Knead it till well mixed and till a stretchable yet not sticky dough.
3. Use a rice ladle to mix if the porridge is too warm for you. Then knead them into a smooth dough. And I flatten the dough.
4. Bring a pot of water to boil and add some oil to it. Put the whole dough into the boiling water. Let it cook till it floats / opaque.
5. Prepare a big bowl of cold water (I put ice in it).
6. Remove the dough from the boiling water when it's cooked and let it rest in the big bowl for few mins.
7. Remove and cut into your desire shape/length. I made them in long rectangular shape, that's was how my granny did.
*You may wish to put them back into cold water right after cutting if you are going to cook them straight away. Otherwise wrap them up by lining baking paper in between and freeze it.


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