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Tom Ka Kai

By Russell Ridgway
Tom Ka Kai
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Thai spicy Chicken Coconut soup

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

400 grams chicken breasts
6 cups coconut milk
1 thumb sized chunk of galangal (can use ginger as a substitute)
3 stalks lemongrass
1 big white onion
2 tomatoes
6 kaffir lime leaves
200 grams mushrooms
5 - 10 Thai birds-eye chilies
Salt or Fish sauce to taste
4 tbs lime juice
small bunch of coriander

Cooking Steps :

1. Cut galangal into thin slices
2. Cut lemongrass into 1 inch strips
3. Medium heat 3 cups coconut milk . Add fish sauce, galangal, lemon grass, chopped coriander stalks.
4. Slice chicken into bite size chunks.
5. Add chicken as coconut milk comes to slow boil.
6. Roughly chop chilies and add to coconut milk.
7. Stir gently and add roughly chopped mushrooms.
8. Do not let coconut milk boil. Stir gently in one direction. Add rest of coconut milk to control temperature.
9. Roughly chop onion into wedges and add to soup.
10. Roughly chop tomatoes into wedges and add to soup.
11.Break kaffir lime leaves in hand and add to soup.
12. Check seasoning - add saly or fish sauce to taste.
13. Stir gently 5-10 minutes until chicken cooked. Do not allow full boil, just below, on low heat.
14. Turn heat off when chicken cooked.
15. Add sliced coriander leaves and strr gently.
16. add about 4 tbs lime juice in stages. Check when sourness reaches desired level.
17. Check seasoning and serve.
Optional but recommended: stir a few drops chili oil before serving for spice and color.
This is a soup but traditionally eaten like a curry with rice in Thailand.


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