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That cheap one. The coconuty, tomatoey rice one!

By Elizabeth Jones
That cheap one. The coconuty, tomatoey rice one!
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Low-cost, easy, ridiculously delicious. Dairy-free

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

800ml diced tomato
400ml coconut milk (not light, doesn't work)
400ml kidney beans
Rice for 6ish hungry people

That's all if you want the easiest option. Fine for me, I don't like cooking and don't need to impress myself. Just simmer it for about 1/2 an hour. Make sure it's really thick before you serve. It's not nice if it's not. Serve with well-cooked rice.

If you're cooking for someone you want to impress/can be bothered to add more, you will be rewarded.

I've made/had it (separately & combined) with:
- Chopped onion & seasoning (insisted on by my mum)
- Cauliflower (my own addition)
- Eggplant (harder to cook right but really good)
- Chicken (for people like my mum who panic if there's no meat in a dish)
- Cayenne pepper (rather enthusiastically added by my boyfriend)

But add what you like.

I learned this recipe from Jafari - from Zanzibar.

It's vegan (without the chicken) and dairy free.

Cooking Steps :

- Heat up olive oil (add oil to ingredients above).
- Cook onion
- Add & cook chicken
- Add all tomato, coconut milk, bring to boil and after 15 mins, the cauli & beans (after only 1 min add eggplant)
- Add sprinkle of cayenne


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