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Thai red curry with duck

By Ashley Watson
Thai red curry with duck
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Fragrant, sweet, salty and delicious

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

2 heaped tbs red curry paste
600 ml coconut milk
1 onion - diced
1 tbs fish sauce
2 tsp palm sugar
600g duck breast
4 mushrooms chopped
2 handfuls of green beans chopped
1 red capsicum sliced

Cooking Steps :

Pan fry duck skin side down until crispy, turn and cook for another minute. Set aside. Brown onion, add 250 ml of coconut milk to pan and cook over medium high heat until milk starts to separate. Add curry paste to pan and cook, stirring occasionally for two minutes or until fragrant. Add mushrooms, beans and capsicum and continue to cook until tender. Add the remaining coconut milk and bring to the boil. Meanwhile, cook the rice and set aside. Lower the heat and add the fish sauce, stir and add the palm sugar in two lots, stirring until melted. Taste and adjust flavours, adding more fish sauce for saltiness and curry paste for heat. Add sliced duck breast to pan and continue to cook until heated through. Serve and enjoy.


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