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Sichuan sesame seared pork

By Michael Beohm
Sichuan sesame seared pork
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Sesame Seared Pork with Sichuan spice &sticky rice

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

Serves 4
600g fresh Australian pork fillet
2 dashes Yeo's sesame oil
3 cups rice
2 baby pak Choy
1 bunch of brocollini
Half a capsicum
1/3 cup almond slivers
1 cup water
4 dashes Lee kum Kee sischan spice and chilli
4 dashes abc kecap manis
Cobram olive oil
4 dashes honey
1 dessert spoon of cornflour
Salt and pepper

Cooking Steps :

Pre heat oven to 160

-Place Asian special rice in rice cooker ensure rice is covered with water by 1cm
In 10mins

1- Pre heat pan
2- add 2 dashes sesame oil and 4 dashes Cobram olive oil
3- add pork fillet in pan (season)
4- sear both sides 3 mins each side
5- place in oven - still in fry pan 6min
6- pull out of oven be careful with handle
Bring back to the cook top. Lift out pork and leave sit.

In pork pan (ensure on)
- add vegetables harder vegetables first
- add Sichuan spice and chilli 4 or more dashes depending on how hot you like
- add 4 or more dashes of sweet soy sauce
- 4 dashes of honey of honey
- 1 cup of water
-cook vegetables for 4 mins
Pull vegetables out
In same pan place armond and thicken sauce with I dessert spoon of gluten free cornflour



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