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Malaysian Nasi Lemak

By Kendrick Tan
Malaysian Nasi Lemak
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Coconut rice with fried chicken and vegetable

Cuisine :


Ingredients :


*Coconut milk




*Turmeric Powder

*Fish Paste




*Kaffir Lime Leaf




*Banana Leaves

*Lemon Grass



*Tamarind juice

*Shrimp Paste


*Light Soy Sauce

Cooking Steps :

(1) Steam the rice with coconut milk and add salt to taste.
(2) Deep fried the peanuts and anchovies in hot oil until golden brown.
(3) Marinated the chicken with turmeric powder, light soy sauce (preferably overnight) and deep fried till golden brown.
(4) Blend the fish paste with chopped shallots, kaffir lime leaf, chill, a bit of turmeric powder, lemon grass, fish sauce and coconut milk. Wrap in banana leaf and grill over medium heat.
(5) Stir fry spinach with chopped garlic and add salt to taste.
(6) Sliced fresh cucumber.
(7) Cut one hard boiled egg into half.
(8) Blend chill, shallot, shrimp paste, garlic, lemon grass and fry it till it’s fragrant and add sugar, salt, tamarind juice to taste.


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