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Luscious Red Ruby Desset

By Casey-Rose Inwood
Luscious Red Ruby Desset
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Its a very yummy for everyone to try and share aro

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

2 cans of watercheast nuts (valcom)
2 cups of Tapioca flour
1 cup of red syrup
1 1/2 of water
2 1/2 suger
2 cups of coconut milk
2 teaspoons of salt

Cooking Steps :

1. Dice water chestnuts and soak into syrup for 15 minutes Remove and drain.
2. Toss water chestnuts in tapioca flour, shaking of the excess flour.
3. Place water chestnuts into boiling water and
until they float to the top.
4. Remove and plunge into cold water. drain when ready to use.
5. Mix water and sugar, bring to boil and simmer untill reduced to light syrup.
6. Heat coconut milk mixed with salt and heat untill boiling . Remove and set aside.
7. Place water chestnuts in a dessert bowls, add syrup, coconut milk and crushed ice


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