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Green Curry Pad Thai (Padtai Kieaw Wan)

By Lillie Giang
Green Curry Pad Thai (Padtai Kieaw Wan)
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Fresh & Aromatic PadThai with Depth of Green Curry

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

1 chicken breast, cut into thin strips
2 eggs for crepes
2 eggs for noodles
4 Tablespoons vegetable oil
Green Curry Paste (Valcom Brand)
1-3 teaspoons Fish Sauce ( Squid Brand)
1-3 teaspoons sugar
120g rice stick noodles( medium size), soaked in cold water for 2 hours
1 red capsicum, thinly sliced, long strips
20 green beans, sliced diagonally, thin and long
2 spring onions, sliced diagonally, thin and long
75g bean sprouts
1/4 cup Thai Basil leaves

Cooking Steps :

*To Be Cooked in Two Batches*

1. Drain rice stick noodles.

2 To prepare crepe:
- Beat one egg at a time.
- Heat non stick frying pan over medium heat and spray with oil.
- Pour egg into pan and swirl quickly to create a thin crepe.
- Set aside and repeat with second crepe.

3. To cook noodles:
- Heat wok over high heat. Add 2 tablespoons of oil and swirl to coat. Add one beaten egg and half of the chicken strips. Stir fry until chicken turns white.
- Add 1 Tablespoonful of green curry paste, half of the beans and half of the noodles, stir fry for a couple of minutes until noodles soften.
- Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of fish sauce over noodles. Toss and stir fry to combine.
- Taste test at this point. You may need to add a little bit more curry paste or sugar to adjust to personal liking.

4. Add half of the capsicums, half of the bean sprouts, half of the spring onions, half of the basil leaves and toss through.

5. Serve noodles on crepe.

Repeat and cook second half of noodles


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