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Coconut quinoa, kale and bok choy curry

By Robyne Low
Coconut quinoa, kale and bok choy curry
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Healthy Curry packed with protein and vegetables

Cuisine :

Not Sure

Ingredients :

Mustard seeds
Coriander root
Vegetable stock
Sweet potato
Brown rice
Green beans
Bok choy
Coconut milk
Fish sauce

Cooking Steps :

Saute the onion, garlic, ginger gently for two minutes until softened in coconut oil.
Add the spices and cook out until fragrant. Add a quarter of a cup of vegetable stock and reduce slightly. Add half a can of TCC light coconut milk and 2 tbsp Squid brand fish sauce. Let simmer.
At the same time bring brown rice to the boil. When it is parboiled add the sweet potato cubes and quinoa. Then towards end of cooking add the green beans. Drain then add to the coconut mixture along with the kale and bok choy. Add extra coconut milk if necessary and some fresh coriander leaves. Once all is combined. Put in a bowl top with diced tomato, chopped apricots and walnuts. This is what I would call a Malaysian/South Asian fusion


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