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Chinese New Year salad

By Lauree Rickard
Chinese New Year salad
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My take on CNY salad with available NZ ingredients

Cuisine :


Ingredients :

Dressing ingredients:
Seasame oil
Olive oil
Japanese vinegar
Soya sauce
Salad ingredients:
Iceberg lettuce
Cooked chicken breast
Red pepper
Spring onions
Pickled ginger
Seasame seeds
Crunchy noodles

Cooking Steps :

1. Slice the lettuce, red pepper, spring onions, pickled ginger and chicken. Grate the carrot, cucumber and radish.
2. Place the lettuce into a bowl, then arrange the salad ingredients on the top. Sprinkle over some Seasame seeds.
3. Make the dressing, this you make according to taste however I typically use the following... A half teaspoon honey, good 10 drops so Seasame oil, 2 teaspoons Japanese vinegar, a teaspoon soya sauce and juice of a small lemon. Mix ingredients together and pour over salad.
4. Stir the salad up mixing the ingredients and add some crunchy noodles to the top with extra Seasame seeds.

Enjoy! Make the as big or small as you want, to share or eat alone and always make enough for lunch at work the next day... Just add the salad dressing before you eat it.


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