About Chef Heather Jeong

When it comes to Korean food it would not be an exaggeration to call Chef Heather Jeong its torchbearer. A popular figure on television channels, newspaper columns and events, Heather Jeong’s love for Korean cuisine is immeasurable. With no institutional learning in cooking, Heather has mastered this art over a span of 30 years. She’s now a trainer of Korean food cooking at the Korean Culture Centre, Sydney.

Heather learned the art of food tasting by visiting many newly open restaurants. She has also travelled to many cities and tasted the local cuisine to understand the roots of culinary delicacies. As she has not received and formal education in cooking, Heather Jeong has always been open to experimenting with cooking and never lived by any ‘cooking rules’. This keeps her cooking authentic and indigenous.


She has appeared several times on TV with her Korean cooking on SBS, Pop Asia and Sunrise. She works with Maeve O’Meara of SBS Food Safari as part of Korean Gourmet Safari. She regularly features on SBS Kitchen Conversations and is a regular contributor for Taste magazine and Taste.com.au. Heather has been featured several times on Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, Feast, Epochtime, Food in Focus FM and other Korean community newspapers and online magazines.

Heather travels throughout Australia showcasing Korean food to universities, high schools and primary schools through cooking demonstrations which include cooking on the Main stage at Melbourne’s Federations Square. Heather was the celebrity chef for Campsie Food Festival 2013 and 2015, Bankstown Bites Festival 2015, Flavours of Auburn 2015 and Cabramatta Moon Festival 2015. She also showcased Korean food at 2013 and 2015 Good Food and Wine Show as part of Taste of Korea for Korean Cultural Centre where she works as a cooking instructor.


As a trainer of Korean food, Heather Jeong teaches some of the Korean classics such as Bulgogi, Bibimbap, BBQ Galbi, Kimchi Jjigae, Chungguk Jang and many more authentic Korean delicacies. She is also seen regularly on popular television programs ‘Food Safari’ and ‘Kitchen Conversations’.

Heather Jeong plans on writing a full-fledged Korean cookbook and start her own Korean restaurant. She strongly believes that there is a lot more that Korean cuisine has to offer than just the ‘popular’ and ‘regular’ ones. Hence, in her restaurant she wishes to introduce to the Australian audience a wide range of Korean delicacies that are extremely close to her heart. Through her prolific recipe testing, writing and food demonstrations she aims to make Korean and Australian food widely accessible

Asian Inspirations is delighted to have her as a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.


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