CNY Success Stories

To say that the number of entries for our CNY contest was overwhelming is an understatement. We are thrilled by the participation and would like to thank all of you for it.

Here are some of the success stories that breathed new life into Asian food. These individuals have presented recipes that are sure to take you and your palate on a trip down memory lane. From delectable desserts to mouth-watering entrees, these recipes had it all!

The Dessert Diva

The award for ‘Most Creative Dessert’ goes to Sara, for her lovely recipe of Coconut Milk Chia Seed Pudding with Fresh Mango. This is one dessert you just can't desert!

The Banquet Queen

The award for the 'Most Submitted Recipes' goes to Bernadette Hendry! Believe it or not, she had an entry in every week of our contest!

Palatable Prose

The 'Most Well-Written Description' award goes to Charlene Thompson! A Week 3 favourite, she narrated her recipe for Thai red chicken curry with a personal touch.

Platter Perfect

The 'Most Creative' award goes to Rosalin Kristiani, for her super-colourful dish from Week 6! Her perfectly plated dish, along with her lovely description, made us drool.

By Popular Vote

This dish was truly the talk of the town! Michael's delicious Chicken Red Curry surely got our mouths watering.

The Incheftion

A whopping 16 entries were submitted by Rosalin Kristiani for our CNY contest! With the most number of recipes submitted, she truly takes the cake.

One in Yum-milion

Kerri's recipe for goat red curry is so apt for the Year of the Goat! Winning by popular demand, her recipe brought out the true essence of the festival.

Street Smart

There's nothing as exciting and fun as street food and Shantheni’s recipe showed us just that. Her delicious Egg Net Spring Rolls will bring back memories of those beloved Asian streets.

The Food Doctor

Adding a clever twist to the Chicken Salad, Rob gave us a healthy alternative to this classic dish. Winning the award for the ‘Most Healthy Recipe’, his recipe was a true refresher.


Glenda took us by surprise when she presented a plate full of not one, but 3 Asian delicacies! She took the contest by storm with her mouth-watering dishes.

The Rabbit in the Hat

Bernadette showed off her creative side with her Zingy Granita with Melon Balls. With oodles of colour and flavour, this simple dessert had it all.

Gourmet Garnish

Donna shows us her lovely recipe presented with a clear and clean concept. Her dish show wonderful details in garnish with an excellent appetite appeal.

Ethereal Eats

Zen's entry shows a wonderful balance in food composition. It displays delicate colour, uniform sizes, contrasting textures and flavour of the ingredients. The presentation is creative and attractive to eyes!

Farm Fresh Fiesta

Alana Weir's Week 5 entry of Vietnamese Summer Rolls feature as one of our top dishes that are fresh and super healthy.

Healthy Bites

Connie's entry shows a wonderful balance in colour and food nutrition. This dish showed authenticity and details in garnishing as well as excellent knife-cutting skills.

Uniformity Redefined

Bernadette's recipe of 'Great Balls of Fire' elucidates uniformity with perfectly halved eggs and excellent presentation.

A Sweet Tooth Craving

Kel Hartigan's wonderful recipe submission of Thai coconut pie for our CNY Contest makes our mouth water and drool.

Homemade Delights

Amgad Kamel shares a colourful meal of a homemade delicacy! Check out this lovely Chicken Wonton Laksa recipe.


Kate Brodhurst

Rosalin Kristiani

Glenda Mc Donnell

Michael J Sabo

Melinda Savage

Lisa-Jane Fudge

Lillie Giang

Justine Withers

Julia Brodska

Josephine Chan

Sally-Ann Haw

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