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Aspirations is an initiative by Asian Inspirations which features a few chosen ones who have deep interest in Asian culture and food. Our lovely readers can share their culinary journey with all of us! We are currently featuring our CNY 2015 contest winners.

Aspirations will bring you a new story from our winners every week, who will talk about experiences and inspiring ideas that drove them to be the epicureans they are now.

  • Jebbie Phun-akat

    Jebbie Phun-akat

  • Micheal Stick Single

    Micheal Stick Single

  • Rosalin Kristiani

    Rosalin Kristiani

  • Kate Brodhurst

    Kate Brodhurst

Jebbie Phun-Akat’s story


I was born and raised in a farmer’s family in Sisaket, Thailand, and most of our food and produce came from what we grew at the farm. Freshly cooked rice and vegetables were the key components in our dinner every night.

My culinary journey began with my mother. We would spend many days and nights in the kitchen together as we sliced and prepared fresh vegetables and meat. My mother would then cook the food with her secret spices and herbs and as I grew up she showed me the delicate flavors that Thailand’s special dishes have to offer.

A fond memory:


I have many fond memories and experiences from food in my life. An iconic memory that hits close to home and heart would be our Thai New Year Festival (Songkran festival). This is the time of year when all of my family comes together at my mum’s house. My cousins, aunts and uncles come from all over Thailand for our family gathering and we all start cooking in the kitchen together (Mum’s the head chef of course! Haha), we laugh and share all the good times and new things that have happened in our lives. This is a really fond memory of mine and the food we eat is divine! Som tum is a green paw paw salad that’s one of my favourite (Isan) dishes and we cook it every year!

Thai Pumpkin Custard Dessert (Sankaya)

Style of cooking:

My cooking style is definitely Thai and I have brought my special talent and love for cooking to Australia from my mum. I cook some delicious Thai food that I share with my friends and family here. I also use a lot of fresh herbs to make some delightful pad ka pow, Ga po pla, combination noodle, Lab moo, Tom yum, green curry and shabu shabu. I always get happy smiles from people after they eat my food which makes me feel happy and in turn makes me want to cook more!

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Cooking Tip:

While you’re cooking with meat in a Thai dish make sure you always season and marinate your meat with just a little bit of soy sauce and pork seasoning and leave it there for a few hours or a day to really bring out the succulent, tender, delicious taste of the meat in your dish.

The secret ingredient:

I can never trade my pork seasoning with anyone or anything else in the world! The many ways it can be used to bring a lot of flavour to any meal is amazing and impressive. I use it for everything.

Green Curry Chicken & Masaman Beef

The winning moment:

When I won the prize from Asian Inspirations for my entry Thai Green Curry Chicken & Thai Masaman Beef. I was totally amazed at first! I never win anything and I was so excited to see my meals on the internet for everyone to love and enjoy. I was even happier when the prize arrived in the mail. I waited until my partner got home so he could enjoy it with me!

The key aspect to my winning recipe would have to be the presentation. When I clicked the pictures I wanted to emphasise on the old and traditional ways of preparation that Thai people use to present their food and the way my mum taught me. I wanted to give it as much authenticity as I could and was really happy with the outcome.

Coconut milk chia seed pudding with fresh mango

My fav recipe from the CNY contest:

Among the many delightful recipes that appeared on the page, one delectable dessert that stood out to me was the sago dish made with mango and coconut cream. It looked so amazing and delicious! I’d love to learn how to make this recipe or at least try it!

A huge thanks to Asian Inspirations:

When I found that I had won a competition because of my food, it really made me want to cook even more! It felt more appreciating and rewarding to win something just because of what I love doing, so I really have Asian Inspirations to thank for bringing out the chef in me! And my partner is happy too because he is getting fed more!


Kob Khun Kaa !! (Thank you in Thai)

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