Choi Sum (Chinese flowering cabbage)

Choi sum is one of the most popular greens in Asia. It is harvested for consumption while it’s still tender, just when the yellow flowers begin to open. Choi sum is high in calcium and phosphorus and tastes fantastic when stir-fried. It provides the perfect complement to meat and prawn dishes. You can interchange the green variety with the creamy, white stalks that are available all year round. Soak it briefly in water to remove all the dirt before consuming. When preparing a Chinese dish, keep them whole unless they are longer than 20cm. To enhance the delicate flavour of choi sum, slightly steam or stir-fry with a dash of oil and garlic. You can also use the young flower shoots in salads. The presence of the tender flowers make it more susceptible to perishing. Hence, store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator for not more than a week.

Image Courtesy: kattebelletje used under the Creative Commons Licence

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